Our Philosophy


The ComProfiles model enables us to analyze what is at stake in a relationship between two or more people, as well as what is specifically blocking an individual’s development.

In this regard, communication profiles are valuable tools: they allow us to become aware of our emotional and behavioral mechanisms and to better understand those of others.


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This is a starting point; beyond understanding why any given communication interaction is productive or not, the objective in using the ComProfiles model and tools is to give the keys to make the interaction effective, satisfying and harmonious.


The goal is to know how to act in a way that promotes the other one’s autonomy, personal development and motivation, by learning:

  • How to adapt to someone in order to promote their emotional growth,
  • How to maintain our entire relational flexibility, our resources and talents, even when we are experiencing stress,
  • How to respond to someone who is stressed and help them recover their own talents and ability to adapt.

This is what you can acquire through ComProfiles practical training seminars and workshops.

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Our commitment

The Comprofiles team is committed around three values that guide our action and our decisions.





  • Rigor and Quality: we aim for our research, design and services to meet high professional and academic standards.


  • Authenticity and Congruence: we are resolute to incarnate the principles we teach in our behavior and action.


  • Humility and Benevolence: we seek to influence the world positively and with simplicity.


  • Respect and Generosity: we act with respect for our customers and our partners and wish to bring to them the best of ourselves.


Support and Facilitation

  • Personal development and emotional growth: we teach and guide individuals and teams in their development and growth.


  • To grow and promote others’ growth in relationships: we are open to others and are constantly learning from them. We also seek for others to learn from us.





  • Continuous enrichment of the model, tools and knowledge: we are constantly working to develop our concepts, our methods and their practical applications.


  • Collaborative creation and evolution: we want to develop partnerships in the spirit of sharing, exchanging and innovating.