Trainers Training

Trainers Training

ComProfiles model and tools

Certification Program


The Certification program is designed to provide a trainer, consultant or coach all the necessary knowledge and skills to:

  • use the ComProfiles model and tools in his/her professional practice,
  • deliver Comprofiles seminars on leadership, on emotional intelligence or on managing difficult communication situations with the ComProfiles method,
  • support an individual’s personal development, using the specific information supplied by their communication profile.



The ComProfiles model enables to precisely define an individual's specific communication profile. It particularly emphasizes qualities s/he will naturally be most likely to deploy, and shortcomings s/he could demonstrate under pressure and stress.



The Certification program is organized as 12 days of concrete and practical training, spread over four sessions. At the end of the program, a certified person will have acquired the ability to:

  • present the ComProfiles model and respond accurately and pedagogically to any related questions,
  • present and explicit the coherence of each communication profile,
  • model each profile’s behaviors under stress in live simulations,
  • demonstrate how to help a person under stress, in situation and in real time, taking into account his /her personal communication profile.


Individuals wishing to participate in the certification program will have previous experience training groups, facilitating seminars and development workshops.

Having attended a ComProfiles method leadership or communication seminar is recommended but not required.


Training for managers

Training for managers


Leadership and Behavioural Agility

What are the keys to business success?

Beyond attractive products, unique market position or appropriate strategies, the starting point of any successful business lies in winning people and teams.

Though, we all know that people are not always easy to manage:

  • They are complex, sensitive, and each person is unique, different form anyone else.
  • Under stress, they may lose their talent and the mastery of their exchanges with others, or get into conflict.

So what can be done?
Give everyone, but first and foremost managers, the means to manage their own emotions and to understand those of others, to adapt to others and stimulate their energy.

They will then be able to develop a more positive attitude, to effectively work with teams, colleagues and hierarchy, and create work contexts that will tend towards excellence.

The ComProfiles model, methods and tools impact interpersonal communication, making it highly efficient, satisfactory, and harmonious. They strengthen a leader’s skills, his/her growth in relationships and ability to lead a team, by giving keys to:

  • maintain all his/her personal resources and ability to put things into perspective, even under high pressure,
  • respond to a person under stress and help him/her recover his/her talents and ability to adapt,
  • develop autonomous behaviors, confidence and motivation for each team member.

This interactive seminar, designed for executives and managers, opens participants to all of this.

It focuses on concrete training, enabling participants to practically learn how to implement the ComProfiles methods and tools, in order to manage even the most difficult communication situations, and to fully exercise their leadership.


Training for companies

Training for companies

Trainings may be customized regarding each company, from ComProfiles tools, in order to answer to your needs.


Trainings are all based on the seminar "Leadership and Relational Growth" and are structured around the following topics: 

  • Individual change and organisational change


  • Team efficiency and performance


  • Conflict management, stress management


  • Autonomy and empowerment


  • Relational growth and commercial relationship


  • HR development


  • Groups of professional codevelopment


Training for HR professionnals

Training for HR professionnals

Supporting managers by HR.

Succeed together in shared activities

og human resources management


This Training has been designed for HR professionals, in order to improve their abilities to:

  • Give support to managers facing the challenges of leadership,


  • Pilot personal development projects,


  • Know how to assess a person's profile in terms of behavioural competencies and relational potential,


  • Give support to collective performance, by the complementarity of the profiles and the team development,


  • Know how to deal with collaborators under stress and help them to regain their ability to adapt,


  • Help people to get out of situations of deteriorated or conflicting relationships.




Présentation Générale ComProfiles


ComProfiles General Presentation